Through the main huge wooden door, Tjong A Fie received honored guests on the ground floor of the mansion. The Main Hall is ornately decorated with a floor-to-ceiling gilded wood-paneled wall carved exquisitely in Chinese style. The side rooms flanking the main hall are the Malay room and the Chinese room.

Out beyond the open-air "Well of Heaven" courtyard, one can see into the inner sanctum towards the family temple. The descendants of Tjong A Fie still use it today to pray for their ancestors on the first and fifteenth day of the lunar month. 

Flanking the ancestral temple are two big and long rooms. One is the late Tjong A Fie's bedroom displaying his authentic ornately carved mahogany bed, silk clothings, and artifacts from the era. This well-curated room easily transports one to a bygone era of the 1910s.

Beyond these two rooms and the ancestral temple, one finds the family's dining room with its long table. The generously-sized kitchen, with its period-authentic pestle and mortar stones, is off to the side of the dining room, towards the back corner of the mansion.